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Progetti sostenuti dal 2016 al 2021


Laboratori di ricerca POLAR (Direzione Scientifica) – € 700.000

Facility Bioinformatica (Direzione Scientifica) – € 700.000

Impact of thyroid hormone on lung ischemia-reperfusion injury (prof. Nosotti) – € 350.000

An innovative approach to acute and chronic respiratory failure (prof. Pesenti) – € 350.000

HLA and non-HLA antibodies mediated rejection and circulating free dna in lung or kidney transplantation: the harlok immunological and prospective study (prof. Passamonti) – € 250.000

The liver biobank Lombardia genomic cohort study (liver-bible): personalized medicine for the management of hepatic and cardiovascular thrombotic complications of fatty liver (prof. Valenti) – € 250.000

Piattaforma Illumina NGS (Direzione Scientifica) – €400.000

Functional genomic analysis of clonal heterogeneity in acute myeloid leukemia at the signle cell level: implication for diagnosis and response to venetoclax treatment (prof. Bolli) – € 36.000

Combining whole exome and RNA sequencing to identify genetic and molecular pathways in uscular dystrophies and to characterize patient cohorts for gene therapy (prof. Comi) – € 36.000

TORNADO: Omics Techniques and Neural Networks for the development of predictive risk models (prof. Locatelli) – € 36.000

The effect of DNA methylation on inhibitor development in patients with hemophilia A being treated with FVIII clotting factor concentrates (prof.sa Peyvandi) – € 36.000

COVID-19 Genomic Study (prof. Valenti) – € 36.000

Single-cell serial dissection of neoplastic clones in multiple myeloma to pinpoint ontogenesis, MRD and relapse (prof. N. Bolli) – € 100.000

Chronic neuroinflammation in the pathogenesis of late-onset affective psychosis and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia: an integrated neurobiological and neuroimaging approach (prof. P. Brambilla) – € 24.000

Hemophilic arthropathy treatment with adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells: ARTEMIDE study (prof. G. Caraffiello) – € 76.000

 Metabolomic profile in women with and without endometriosis: a case control study (prof. P. Vercellini) – € 100.000

3D modelling of neuromuscular unit to discover pathogenetic mechanisms and therapeutics for motor neuron diseases (prof.sa S. Corti) – € 100.000

delle cure

Miglioramento percorso di cura bambino ipoacusico in ambito audiologico (dott. D. Zanetti) – € 40.000

Family room per laTerapia Intensiva Pediatrica (dott.sa G. Chidini) – € 20.000

Umanizzazione del luogo della nascita (prof. E. Ferrazzi) – € 40.000


Restauro vestibolo sala del capitolo d’estate – € 430.000

Riordino e inventario documenti archivio storico – € 90.000


€ 4.200.000


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